Gigs For You


Who We Work With

Who We Work With

GFY targets your needs to reach success in the entertainment business.

We work with a variety of clients that consist of individuals and companies.

GFY’s clients include:

  • Musicians
  • Mimes
  • Clowns
  • Magicians
  • Other artists

We provide many specific and valuable services for our clients. However, you must be a client  to use and benefit from our services.  As a client, we work with you, coaching you in various areas, to show you what it means to be properly represented, how to represent yourself (if this is your goal), and how and where to find work.

We develop custom programs that help you (our client) find work that pays, gives you exposure and allows your prospects to see you perform so that you can sell work as you perform…work for clients who want to hire you because they want you…at your price.

GFY also works with many individuals and companies, including:


Agents are professionals that seek out talent and then attempt to match it with the demand of customers that call on them for entertainment requests. When working with an agent or agency, you contract directly with the agent through their instructions, but perform for their client. Pay for this can be very good. It is usually negotiated as you initially sign with them for representation.

GFY can help you negotiate agency representation on your behalf, can keep them abreast of your other bookings, albums public appearances that can help sell work for you and can help them find work for you through their own sources.


Club owners and managers can book you, but rarely is the pay any good. Entertainers book clubs in an attempt to find a little exposure and to gain experience performing. One does not make a living working clubs.

GYF can help you find club work if this is what you want to do.  We know many club managers personally and  can act as your representative and introduce them to you.


Concert halls are for the big time.

GFY can promote major concerts or events on your behalf.   We only work this venue for you after we see (or help you create) a serious following or fan list.