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Read what Mike has to say about Entertainment Connections . . .

“Brian started working with me in September 2001, and in six months has really helped transform the way my company operates.  He has helped me develop a new brochure, a slogan, and an entire press kit that can be sent to anyone.  Brian has given me invaluable marketing tips, and worked with me to develop a pricing strategy based on quality rather than selling a budget.  He is currently working on a marketing campaign that includes using his expertise to introduce Night & Day to hotels and venues in the area.  From this campaign, Brian has helped me develop an email list that will be used for ongoing marketing to the identified venues. 

On a personal level, Brian is easy to work with.  He is receptive to new ideas, grasps things quickly, and is very conscientious about getting the work done.  Brian returns phone calls, and keeps in regular contact with updates about his progress.  It’s good to have him on your side.  He’s also an excellent drummer!”

The Time is Right to Form a Band.  Where do I Begin?

I have some knowledge about the music industry, but is it enough for me to set out on my own to achieve my goal? …Read on …

In the Beginning (the Client):  In early November Karen called Entertainment Connection (EC) and asked for advice on how to form a band.  It was the right time in her life to try—She had some money, her kids were both in college (out of the house) and she had the time to invest.  She knew the type of band she wanted, and could see how to form it in her head, but she had never done anything like this before and had the foresight to see how her lack of experience could work against her.  She was a little scared, but if she could pull it off, it would be a lifetime dream come true.

Working With Entertainment Connection:  As we started working with Karen, she quickly discovered that the music business required a lot more experience than she had ever anticipated.  Working with her step by step, we helped her find the right musicians. We taught her how to work with the personalities of these individual musicians, book gigs, find the right agents, price events, draft contracts, develop press kits, find photographers, network with party planners and, ultimately, start the initial draft of a 3 year band action/expectation plan. All of these issues required knowledge, experience and constant attention to manage in order to keep her band in good health.

EC taught her how to deal with the many different aspects of her new music career so she could find gigs and maintain control of her band and her music.

Results:  It didn’t take very long.  After six months of involved support, Karen’s band has bookings six months in advance and is scheduled to appear at three International music festivals! The band has produced a very good demo CD, a complete CD for sale to the general public, and a press kit.  She has agency backing, gigs lined up, and has had three newspaper columns written about her band.  Not bad for six months work!

Tumbleweed Band—We want to tour!

The band did what they do very well, but how do they find work with all the competition out there? … Read on…

The Band:  Tumbleweed is your typical society band. They do what they do very well—cover tunes.  They typically don’t write their own music, but they know the top 40 tunes.  What sets them back is that there are about a gazillion band just like them. So, with all the competition, what do you do to find work? There are three primary ingredients necessary for this type of band to get booked; good playing, showmanship and contacts, and the better you do these three the more money you can make.

Tumbleweed contacted EC, because although they were working many of the local clubs, they weren’t grossing any more than $350.00 a night for the entire band.  Multiply that by 5 people and you can’t make a living…(or even pay for the roadie). They could not find any good paying gigs, and they were getting type cast as a low budget club band.

EC’s Strategy:  Tumbleweed wanted to tour.  They had it in their heads that touring and selling recordings was the way to make it big (this is actually true for a lot of bands). EC did not necessarily agree with this strategy in this instance, but regardless, it was agreed that they needed a major face-lift.

We provided them with examples of other similar bands and gave them suggestions on how to create a more visually appealing act (they did not want all the lights and glitter). 45 days later we had a new band with a new image.  We still had the same 5 members, but now they were five happy musicians playing not just together, but with one another…as part of the act. Now there was something to sell…something bigger…not just music…but spirit. It caught on. With this new visual appeal, the band became easier to sell…and to a higher paying audience.  It was not just a club band anymore.

Promotion:  EC began promoting the band while teaching the two key member/managers how to find and sell work. EC helped the band get into 3 local and 2 national fairs and found several additional concert opportunities for them. Over the next several weeks, the band began to close bookings for $900.00, $1,500.00 and settled on an asking price of $2,300.00 per gig.

The band is not yet touring, but they are making money.  They play 4 – 5 times a month, and that’s all they want to do right now.  When and if they are ready for the next level we’ll discuss a new CD and the possibilities of touring.