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Washington's Entertainment Connection Career Guidebook
“The  Entertainment Connection Guide Volume 1 – The Business of Entertainment”
explains what you need to know and what you need to do to find work and make a living as a performer without struggling from gig to gig.

It will tell you how the entertainment business works, so that you might actually find your way as a performer, and make a living at it—without depending solely on agents or promoters.

This first edition will discuss the big picture, focusing on two major points:

  1. The importance of understanding the business side of entertainment, so that you can work the system to your advantage.
  2. The process—steps you must take—to prepare yourself with the physical and intangible elements that are expected by the entertainment industry.

The process is the core of what you will need to do to prepare yourself to do business in the entertainment industry. This book will discuss the following steps and how to complete them:

  • determining the demographics of your music or other entertainment
  • developing a press kit (this includes producing CDs and/or videos)
  • promoting your entertainment
  • getting on the Web

Here is what one satisfied customer has to say:

Your Entertainment Connection Career Guidebook is a great book. For me, it was not only an eye-opener about how things work, but a book I can reference to keep myself focused and on track. I thought I knew the deal, but I was surprised. In fact, I rejected some of what was in there at first. I thought I had tried it all. I was surprised. I now keep it in the drawer by my bed with my Bible, referencing it every few days, just to make sure I am doing things right. Before the book, I was doing clubs, but going in circles. The book explained things differently than anything I’d heard anywhere, about what I can do for myself to do the music I want to do my way. After all, you need to work it yourself before you should expect anyone else to help you. This is one of the points I learned from the book. This can be a very frustrating business, with a lot of closed doors. I found that by reading excepts and referencing the guide every few days, it has helped keep me keep focused so I am working toward playing the music and meeting the right people who can book me, and it has really worked.

Anthony Walker, Los Angeles, California

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