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Are You Losing Out On Opportunities to Perform?

Everybody knows what business cards are for, right. Well then, why is it that I rarely see entertainers carry them? I see a real hot artist. I ask, “Can I have your card?” He answers, “Oh, sorry man. They’re all at home.” “Didn’t think to bring any.” Or, “You know, I had 4 or 5 with me, but I gave them away. Sorry.” The person walks away, losing potential business.

I will never forget the job I did in downtown DC, where I met this hot Rock/Jazz female singer. She had no business cards with her, and I was too busy to wait for her to write down her contact info. Later that week, I was booking several nights where this girl would have been perfect. I tried calling the event coordinator and a couple of the cats who played with her. But no luck. It was her loss…a $300 a job. There was nothing I could do about it… all because she had no business cards with her.

The secret to having a great marketing presence is to have your marketing materials designed by experienced professionals. Whatever your budget, we have affordable packages  to  meet your needs. Here are some basics you will need to get started:

A Press and PR Package:

  • Stationery Kit with Business Cards — A must for any band.
  • A Bio with Picture — People want to know who they are hiring. A bio explains your history. Pictures connect you with the style of entertainment you provide.
  • A One-Sheet —  This is a special piece necessary for musicians and bands when promoting recordings.
  • A CD or DVD —  Obviously, people need to see and hear what you do.
  • Press Releases or PR Write-ups  —  The more you include in your kit, the more serious and professional you will look.  If you do not have a press release, GFY can help you create one.
  • A Web Site Containing Music Sound Bytes or Clips of Your Act  — In today’s world, a business without a Web Site is not taken seriously.  

Entertaining is your business, and you want to devote as much time as possible to what you do best. GFY has organized a network of professionals who specialize in creating and developing the promotional items you need. Let these experts help you look professional and business oriented. These include:

  • Graphic services and promotional piece designers, who will help you design all of your literature.
  • Printers, who will coordinate with the designers to print your literature.
  • Writers, who will help you write text for your marketing materials and Web Site.

Promoting A Public Event Correctly And The Aids Needed To Pull It Off:

Planning a public event?   A lot of entertainers perform at private functions where advertising is not an issue.  When you perform publicly, however, you want to make the most of the event and this makes publicity critical.  If you are planning a public event, you need to know how to promote it.  GFY can show you what you need to do, can help you develop the promotional literature to do it, and can help you promote it if you desire.

There are three types of promotional aids necessary for any PR or promotional campaign.  These include:

  • Newspaper or magazine ads.
  • Flyers.
  • Press Releases.

Newspaper or magazine ads: — When promoting any public event, you need to plan where to advertise.  Regardless of your choices, you need ads that look alike and provide the same message so that the public will notice and recognize them if they come across the ads in more than one publication.

Flyers: — Flyers are just as important as newspaper and other print advertising.  It is both critical and cost saving to develop all print advertising including flyers with a common look and theme in order to maintain an identity.  GFY recommends developing templates for all advertising situations that include ads, flyers and press releases.

Press Releases: — This is the most misunderstood area of promotion that entertainers attempt to do on their own.  Let’s be clear.  Press releases should be used when promoting any public event, and the publicity attracted from a well-written release can make the difference between a simple gig and a major, public event.  There are rules that must be followed when writing and formatting a release that dictate format, message, length and content.

If you would like help producing ads, flyers or releases, or if you need help finding someone who can help you develop the literature you need to market your act, GFY can help you through this process. Call us at 301-441-8899 or 301-658-6428 for more information.