Gigs For You



To My Fellow Musicians, Artists and Everyone Else Who Is Struggling In This Economy:

My name is Brian Choper, and I am a musician, agent, band manager, author, promoter, consultant and teacher. I own a music agency called Washington’s Entertainment Connection and a consultancy forum called Gigs For You. You can learn about me by going to either of these sites or by Googling me.

As I go about my day to day work and talk with players, bands and artists on the street, I have never seen the concern that I see now over the economy and the future. Business is way down for most performers, they are playing for less, and some are surviving only by finding part time jobs in unrelated fields. I am hearing from so many about how bad things are and that the economy is killing them. So, I thought I would try and help.

I see things from a unique perspective. Since I am both a musician and a band manager/businessman, I am able to see things from both sides of the fence. With that in mind, I wanted to explain why I organized this seminar project.

In addition to managing, I have been a consultant for artists for many years, but after seeing the hurt out there over the last year, thought that it would be good if someone could do something to help, and I believe that I can.

What I am planning is a class that will explain what you as an artist need to know right now, in today’s economy, in today’s world and what you need to do to find work now! That’s the point and that’s the goal behind this seminar.

Now, you might notice two 2 things as you read the class description:

  • The whole program includes 2 separate 90 minute class sessions.
  • Each class will end with a get-together/meet-and-greet jam session that will include both the class participants and invited guests.

There is reason for all of this.

The first class is geared to show you the general principles of business that pertain to what you need to know right now, so that you can move productively toward finding work now. You will learn the business and how you fit into the picture. The second class is designed to show you what you can do specifically to promote yourself and find work in this economy. These are focused classes. Any other related topics can be brought forth at a later time. Right now, the purpose is to see what we can do to find you more jobs.

The jam sessions at the end of each class have been planned not as just a fun activity, but as a networking activity to provide you a chance to show your stuff while teaching you how to network and sell yourself at a function. There is no better way to do that than to put you in a place where you go out there and do it. How you prepare for this will be taught during the second class.

We are all musicians and we make our living as such. We hope to be able to pass on what we know to you so that you can find the work you need to sustain your career and survive, especially in this economy. We also encourage you to pass the information regarding this seminar to any friends, colleagues or family members whom might need the help.

Learn more about this educational and useful workshop that was held in 2010.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Brian Choper