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About Us

Our mission is to properly and professionally represent the interests of the performer.
. . .GFY is everything entertainers need to find work and either create or improve a career. . .

What We Do:

This agency represents fine bands. We also provide services that help musicians find work in a world where being a successful professional musician can be hard. In part, we network with professional musicians who are willing to share their experiences to help other talented but less successful players.

Networking with musicians:

When not booking performances, the agency networks with great musicians to pick their brains for advice so that their experiences can be shared with musicians who are looking to find their own way in this convoluted, difficult business, where the best of the bands and musicians are often buried in the pile along with the mediocre, creating a very difficult marketing/PR environment. Hopefully, by networking people together, we can help some of the great players and bands find their own successes.
Brian Choper, the owner and founder, is key in networking and building these relationships. As a drummer, drum and percussion instructor, author and band manager, he tries to be available to answer your questions, whether they be related to music, percussion or performing, or marketing and promoting a band. If you have a question, or if you are a musician interested in providing advice to other musicians, we encourage you to BLOG Brian.


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We Are Here To Help You

Gigs For You is your one-on-one entertainment career coach. We are here to help you… to show you… and to teach you what you need to know to be successful.

We have created an easy and affordable way to provide you with the service you need. This is how we work:

We charge by the hour. By doing so, we become your silent eyes, ears and nose… a coach… a partner… sometimes even a promoter for you. We help you understand the ins and out of the entertainment business, showing you what to do (and what not to do), step by step, helping you find the right opportunities, and then helping you get in the door with them… all while making sure you don’t make mistakes that could set you back. The amount of time we spend with you will depend on exactly how much coaching time you will need from us. This makes it hard to give you an estimate for what our services will cost you, but we do have an inexpensive way of getting you started so that you can try and see for yourself.

We find our clients to be ecstatic with our services. Read what they have to say.

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GFY Services

We prepare entertainers for the “Big Time.” We help entertainers find and develop the resources they need so they can play the music they want to play where they want to play it and be recognized for what they do. We help our existing clients find work by “getting them in the door” with agents promoters, clubs, diners, restaurants, and other venues where they can perform.

Gigs For You Helps Entertainers:

  • Express who they are, what they do, and what makes their act unique
  • Prepare the required web and written materials to promote their entertainment business
  • Promote themselves so that the public knows they exist and understands what they do
  • Contact those who can help them promote their entertainment
  • Find work and exposure (i.e., radio stations, recording studios, agents, promoters, managers, etcetera)

What can GFY do for entertainers that cannot be achieved through an agent?

Contacts and relationships in the entertainment business are established on quality of service, personality, loyalty and reliability. GFY brings people and talent together. By providing us with the entertainer’s bio, their experience as a performer, and a demo tape, CD, or videotape, we will review their work and determine the best options for promoting them.

We work the 4 P’s:

  • Product: We help you develop your musical “product” and figure out where the market is for what you do.
  • Presentation: We help you create a presentation for your entertainment “product” that will bring you clients and work.
  • Promotion: We help you create a campaign to advertise and promote your entertainment “product.”
  • Performance: We help you sell jobs and find work based on all of the above.


The Professional Resources You Need

Promoting your act can be very expensive. These costs alone can be enough keep you from being successful. Entertainment Connection uses its experience and influence to do something about this. We are continuously looking for new solutions and partnering with outside companies to find better, more effective and less costly ways to serve the needs of all entertainers. Therefore, in addition to our coaching, advising and promotional services, Entertainment Connection has created an entire program of extended resources. We have made special deals and arrangements with the following companies, all of whom provide valuable services and solutions at affordable prices.

The Entertainment Connection Career Guidebook – If you don’t think you need our guidebook take our short quiz and see for yourself.


Check out our store, where you will find the shirts, mugs, hats and just about any other item you might need to promote your band.

· Are you gigging regularly?· Are you looking for more work?

· Are you trying to find new ways to sell your entertainment?

· Do you know how to find the people who will hire you?

…We can help you do all this and more!


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“ In only 6 months, Brian has helped me transform how my company operates . . . He has given me invaluable marketing tips … Brian is very easy to work with, is receptive to new ideas, and is conscientious about getting the work done . . .” Michael Suser, Night and Day Music Band

Gigs For You™ (GFY) specializes in teaching entertainers how to promote themselves.

  • We work the 4 P’s for you.
  • We offer a variety of affordable services to help ensure your success.
  • We also offer a wide variety of resources for you through outside vendors.
  • We provide the Entertainment Connection Career Guidebook, an affordable resource that will give you the straight scoop on how the entertainment business works and how to make a great first impression. It will show you how to find work and exposure on your own, so that you can maintain control and make your own decisions. This great advice can change the way you work and help you find better paying gigs—enough to make a living!
  • We coach you through all the steps of preparation and promotion and help you develop Press Kits to connect with live music promoters, conference organizers and other influential people, at the click of a mouse.
  • We introduce you to our established network where you can find good quality bookings.
  • We connect you with people who are looking for your type of entertainment.

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Many entertainers believe they have all the answers to succeed and can’t understand why they aren’t reaching their goals.

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